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A Vibrant Swatchbook for a Colorful Paper Brand

Global paper company Sylvamo was looking for a piece of marketing and sales collateral to demonstrate the wow factor of its Springhill® Uncoated Bristols product line. These papers come in a range of shades, from charming Cherry to calming Canary, so we created a swatchbook to help designers and printers satisfy their color cravings.

Springhill swatchbook

Treat Yourself to Color

To best demonstrate the applications and strengths of Springhill papers, our creative concept is about as vibrant as you can get: ice cream, candy, and other brightly colored confections pop off the page. Each fold-out spread showcases how the various Springhill colors perform with both black and colored inks. But the finishing is where we really started to have fun…

Springhill swatchbook with open cover

Springhill’s bold brand personality lends itself to playful finishing techniques. For this project, we included fluorescent inks, a die-cut peek-a-boo cover, and waterfall pages.

Inside of Springhill swatchbook

A Useful Sales Tool

The Springhill swatchbook shows Sylvamo customers that there’s no limit to what they can create in color. Of course, the most important elements of a swatchbook are the product specs and stocking information that can be found inside. The Springhill swatchbook contains the latest information about the line as well as ordering and contact information, making it easy for customers to design projects with excellent taste.

Sample inside of Springhill swatchbook

“With this project, the biggest challenge — and the most fun I had — was trying to predict the way the Pantone colors would be absorbed on the Springhill paper, which is an uncoated sheet. I had to shift my color selections based on what printed well on one color paper versus another. 

I also loved utilizing the colored paper as a design element — normally, by just letting the paper show through, we would have white as a color option, but in this case each paper provided an additional color to work with.”

— Alyssa Watkins, Senior Graphic Designer

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