Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps.   Meet your customers where they are — on their smartphones.  

Today’s smartphone users expect interactive experiences. At Trekk, we help our clients harness mobile technologies to create the kind of immersive experiences that lead to both conversions and long-term loyalty.

Our mobile app development capabilities span iOS, Android, and Windows devices and applications ranging from presentation and white label augmented reality (AR) apps to productivity, e-commerce, and gamification.

Apps that solve customer problems

Regardless of the audience, mobile apps should do one thing well: solve a problem. It could be helping customers make a purchase or helping your staff make a sale. In the B2B space, apps are becoming powerful presentation tools. We use a combination of mobile apps, tablets, and content-managed websites to help marketing teams and sales reps easily build customized interactive presentations that increase engagement and present a consistent message across teams and locations.

In addition to our client-based app development, our developers are well versed in consumer-facing mobile applications, including apps that use the ARKit and ARCore SDKs to bring augmented reality experiences to customers.

Will an app meet your customers’ needs? Work with us.