Using Original Research and Content Marketing to Reach a B2B Audience

This content marketing campaign, deployed at a time of uncertainty in the target vertical, leveraged original market research to help an industrial automation company reach their target audience and give them what they were looking for: information on their own customers.

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The COVID-19 pandemic presented unexpected and unprecedented challenges for food and beverage manufacturers, from supply chain interruptions to loss of consumer confidence after a handful of high-profile plant shutdowns. In order to equip its food and beverage manufacturing customers with valuable and actionable insights, Rittal North America worked with Trekk to survey a representative sample of American food consumers to understand how their attitudes toward food and beverage manufacturers and processors had been affected by current events and related media coverage.

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Trekk commissioned the research, analyzed the results, and reported on the findings. The resulting Consumer Insight Report was intended to help Rittal customers understand consumer sentiment so that they could take strategic action to restore public confidence and build trust going forward.

Consumer Insight Reports


Among the proactive steps suggested in the report were tips for communicating investments made in hygienic equipment and technology, such as Rittal's line of hygienic design enclosures. This piece was used as part of a content marketing campaign executed by Trekk, which included lead-generating webinars about food and beverage manufacturer compliance with the Food and Safety Modernization Act and promotion of Rittal's range of hygienic design enclosures via lead-nurturing emails.

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“Our 2020 Consumer Insight Report was so successful that we’ve rerun our survey and updated our findings every year since. Now, Rittal’s customers can see how consumer sentiment has changed over time so they can meet their own audience where they’re at with food safety action and messaging.” 

— Rebecca Denzer, Trekk Senior Account Manager

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