Design.   Creative that tells your story.  

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, looking for a new website or a whole new identity, our graphic designers and content strategists work together to create compelling visuals that tell your story, while ensuring that your brand is consistent across web, print, social, and wherever else your audience might encounter you.

Your organization's visual identity matters.

The look and feel of your website or print collateral is often your target audience’s first impression of your brand, and if the impression an individual gets is not positive, you likely won’t be hearing from them.

print guy development
print guys design process
From original sketches to the final product, the International Paper Print Guys were a fun and engaging way for consumers to interact with the different styles of paper and learn more about their "personalities".

On the flipside, a lot stands to be gained for brands that make a good first impression with their logo, color and font choices, and visual style. When all of these elements come together to clearly and concisely convey what your brand is all about, you can send a message to your audience before they even consciously realize they’ve started engaging with you. Design has the power to create an instant connection with the viewer, on an emotional level.

What’s more, a well-designed website, app, or print piece is a powerful way to instill trust in your audience. Not only can designers use their expertise to make your brand look professional and polished, but it’s also their role to make sure the design is functional and intuitive. It’s all about the user experience.
Design is much more than the creation of lasting, impactful brands, although that is certainly part of it. The majority of the work we do consists of the ongoing execution of a brand’s identity through its internal and external campaigns. On a typical day at Trekk, you might find our designers crafting an innovative direct mail experience that launches the viewer seamlessly into a corresponding digital experience via augmented reality — all of which creatively expresses the client’s brand while staying true to its visual identity.

Great design doesn't happen in a bubble.

Designers work with content strategists and, for web projects, developers to create visual concepts that convey the right message and that will function optimally when executed.

We use a suite of tools to keep our teams aligned on the core of a brand during the design process. These tools are the product of a thorough brand workshop, and chief among them are the brand model and the message map.

These tools help designers to get a clear understanding of the brand’s target audience, which in turn helps the designer to craft a visual message that will appeal to that target audience and guide the viewer to continued engagement with the brand. The best designs lead the user to take action.

It’s key that content creators and designers communicate and collaborate effectively, and when they do, the result is a cohesive brand message that feels consistent across channels.

Why work with an agency on your brand's creative?

Most of the largest and most successful brands in the world choose to work with outside agencies on their brands’ visual identities and campaigns because they realize that their in-house marketing teams are unlikely to have the entire range of skills that can be found at an agency. A single agency may have team members with extensive expertise in illustration, graphic design, 3D modeling, animation, UI, UX, photography, structural design, environmental design, and print production. And because agencies are experts at creating, executing, and staying true to brand identities, working with one can save a lot of time. (Not to mention the fact that most brands’ in-house teams are already at capacity with their day-to-day responsibilities.)

Agencies can also offer a fresh perspective. When you’ve stared at your current logo, presentation template, or sales collateral every day for the last five years, it can be difficult to detach enough to gain an objective view of a new creative direction. When it comes to lending objectivity, agencies can be a lifesaver.

Trekk's design process.

Our process always begins with a robust discovery to help us get a true understanding of the brand’s audience. It is also during the discovery phase that we match the right designer to the project. Different designers have different styles and skill sets, so each individual designer’s visual interpretation of the brand’s core message will look and feel different. We often ask multiple designers from our team to come up with visual concepts so that the client has a variety of options to choose from. This process usually involves iteration as we work with the client to understand what they like from each concept and to evolve the chosen concept until it feels right. 

While great design is at the center of everything we do, Trekk is more than just a design agency; we’re a full creative agency. Our design team works with our client services team and our technical team to turn creative concepts into full multi-channel campaigns, and we execute every element of a client’s marketing strategy, from web and app development to print production and trade show traffic drivers. And our designers and Creative Director are involved every step of the way to be sure the brand is accurately and consistently conveyed, down to the littlest detail. 

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