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A Senior Care Facility Website with Personality and Warmth

The TLC Living Community is not just another senior care facility. Through its unique philosophy of care, all-inclusive amenities, world-class dining options, and on-site medical assistance, TLC combines autonomy with support to help seniors lead an active lifestyle. TLC wanted a website that accurately depicted just why TLC has won the prestigious Best of Senior Care Award for three consecutive years (2020-2023).

TLC website on a laptop

How to Make a Website Resemble a Tour

Many senior care facility websites are either relatively simple in their functionality, or they often rely on stock images and photography, and thus do not convey the lifestyle residents experience on a daily basis in an authentic or convincing manner. TLC wanted a website that could offer an in-depth, personal look at what makes their facility unique while also educating visitors on the right care model — assisted or independent living — for their needs. 

The challenge was executing a site design that could be easily browsed on any platform or device, increased their SEO by providing answers to commonly searched questions about the differences between assisted and independent living (there are several), and demonstrated the warm, vibrant environment TLC has made its name on.

TLC website on mobile devices

HubSpot’s CMS Hub Starter was the perfect tool our Technical, Creative, and Content teams needed to digitally recreate the experience of a facility tour. We combined lively photography and video of actual residents and amenities alongside valuable information designed to increase TLC’s organic search rankings about how assisted living facilities help remove a number of burdens seniors face with living at home.   

TLC website on smartphone

Demonstrating a rewarding quality of life 

TLC’s new website is a visually-engaging and easy-to-use digital home where visitors can quickly and easily learn what makes TLC different, and also get a little taste of the warm, welcoming, and dynamic environment residents experience every day. 

Video testimonials from current residents give visitors a peek behind the curtain at what life is like at TLC, and the addition of a regularly updated blog provides education on the most important topics in senior care. 

The new site also makes it simple to contact the staff and schedule a personalized, private tour. 

In addition, a more accessible sample menu of dining options and calendar events demonstrates the thought and care that goes into creating a rewarding living facility for seniors, and better demonstrates how the TLC philosophy of care provides peace of mind and elevated quality of life for seniors.

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