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A Rebrand and Website with Swagger

As one of the packaging and logistics industry’s first sustainable alternatives to traditional 55-gallon steel drums, Gorilla Drum wanted to enter the market with a bang in order to cement its foothold as an eco-friendly, efficient, and durable solution for the packing and transport of hazmat solids. As such, Gorilla drum was seeking a rebrand and new website that demonstrated the value of their new, innovative packaging solution with a touch of whimsy and swagger.

Meet Gorilla Drum

Unleashing A Beast of A Brand

With the goal of positioning Gorilla Drum as having the same durability and strength as traditional steel drums, our Creative team designed a new logo and set of brand guidelines centered on the  toughness and playfulness of a gorilla. The stark color contrast of the logo and branding convey a sense of power that captures a customer’s attention and piques their interest to further explore the benefits and technical specifications of Gorilla Drum.

Our Content and Creative teams collaborated on a new website that infused informative, value-driven copy with a lively, fun-loving vibe in the form of animations featuring a gorilla playing the drums. The tagline steel drum strong — lightweight, flexible form further established Gorilla Drum as the next evolution in hazmat packaging and transportation.   

Gorilla Drum Website

A Productive Launch

We launched Gorilla Drum with a targeted email campaign to drive traffic to the new website. We also brought Gorilla Drum to social media with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube profiles to leverage original photography and video. Shortly after the launch, Gorilla Drum partnered with a multinational shipping company to provide tens of thousands of units to help the company create a more efficient, sustainable approach to their waste collection logistics.

Gorilla Drum Business Cards

“Part of what made this rebrand and product launch unique was balancing how playful the iconography could be in order to introduce Gorilla Drum to their target audience as true innovators in the packaging and logistics industry. The freedom to explore where whimsy and humor could fit into the company’s narrative resulted in an exciting rebrand that has some serious staying power in the minds of Gorilla Drum’s customers.”  

— Michael Wilson, Trekk Creative Director

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