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Opening Eyes and Minds to the Whole New World of Inkjet Possibilities

When Canon Solutions America launched the new ProStream continuous feed inkjet press, they came to us to design a high-end media guide that would capture the attention of graphic arts and commercial print professionals.


Trekk Canon ProStream Media Guide Large Cover Shot

Showcasing Incredible Image and Color Quality.

Inkjet printing is popular in transactional and book production, but over the last 10 years, CSA has been expanding its portfolio to include devices that go above and beyond what people thought inkjet could do — near-photo image quality, high color, lots of detail. When you have an inkjet printer capable of creating flawless skin tones, deep shades, and rich pops of color on paper, you have to show it off (to the right audience) all while demonstrating cutting-edge design.

Trekk Canon ProStream Media Guide Side by Side Fashion Shot

We created a high-end media guide that visually demonstrates the possibilities in this new world of digital printing. To highlight the ProSteam’s capabilities, we used vibrant, high-energy, and lavish imagery that resonates with designers and brand owners to attract target verticals in commercial print and the end customers they serve: lifestyle, fashion, food, travel, design.

Trekk Canon ProStream Media Guide Close Up Fashion

It’s All About the Adjectives.

Captivating. Opulent. Dynamic. Modern. Decadent. Just to name a few. We paired the mesmerizing and vibrant photography in the ProStream Media Guide with clean, modern layouts and fonts. The text itself focuses on the adjectives that one would use to describe the products or experiences shown in the imagery — the same adjectives that CSA envisions their customers using to describe their print work on the ProStream. We created this unique piece around these key descriptors to demonstrate the ProStream’s possibilities: striking travel brochures, stunning fashion catalogs, and dynamic direct mail.

Trekk Canon ProStream Media Guide GIF


"Because the focus was on the photography, we were able to allow the imagery to do all the work as it told the story of this adventurous lifestyle. We used visually impactful images you wouldn’t expect — like sushi donuts! And when it came to mixing type with imagery, we wanted the type to become part of the image environment. Ultimately, we let the original content determine the theme of the piece: Possibilities."

— Trekk Art Director Chris Brown


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