Web Development

A New Website CMS to Optimize Lead Generation

EcoHome, a commercial and residential roofing contractor that also provides solar installation, wanted more control over their website, a better online experience for their users, and to more easily connect their sales and service teams to their customers. Instead of designing a new website from scratch, we transitioned them to a different CMS — Hubspot.

EcoHome Website Design

A Much-Needed CMS Change

EcoHome already had a website but it wasn’t checking all the boxes. Company admins didn’t have the control they needed to upload or change content, it wasn’t very user-friendly, and they had a ton of extraneous landing pages that needed to be streamlined. EcoHome didn’t want or need a brand-new, redesigned website — they just needed a simple CMS change.

EcoHome Website Design

We transitioned EcoHome’s website into the HubSpot CMS — a cost-effective solution that was complete in a matter of weeks.

EcoHome Website Design

A Simplified Digital Home

As part of the transition, we simplified the website’s sitemap and streamlined the number of landing pages used for PPC ads. We also focused on improved technical SEO and optimized the entire site for lead generation.

Now that EcoHome’s website is on HubSpot, it is much more user-friendly. The move helped to consolidate EcoHome’s tech stack; now the website can be updated in the same system where the sales and service teams manage customer accounts, leading to better alignment across the organization. And the best part: the optimized web pages have tripled EcoHome’s click-through rate from organic search.

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