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A Museum That Fits in Your Pocket

Teaming up with Burpee Museum of Natural History, we created a mobile app that brings Burpee's collections to life and makes them accessible from anywhere, thanks to augmented reality.


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The Burpee Museum of Natural History is the home of Jane, the world’s most complete and best-preserved juvenile T. rex; Homer, a “teenaged” Triceratops; and Pearl, a newly found Oviraptor. The museum features extensive paleontology collections, as well as exhibits on the history of Native Americans in North America, the wildlife of the Rock River Valley, and more.

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Using the Burpee Museum App, anyone can augment 3D historical and natural artifacts such as a beaver skull, a T. rex claw, a Hopi Kachina doll, and more into their own physical space. Use the app to examine a fossil from all sides and study it at scale. Read about its history and where it was discovered, then snap a photo of the fossil in your environment to share.

Burpee Museum App Augmented Reality

What makes the Burpee Museum App even more unique is that it offers two different types of augmented reality experiences. Not only can the app be used to explore artifacts from anywhere in the world using markerless augmented reality, but it also includes marker-based AR experiences within the walls of the Burpee Museum. Museum visitors can use the app’s AR viewer to unlock special bonus content in each exhibit.

Jane the Dinosaur

Thanks to the app, Burpee can bring its exhibits to classrooms, summer camps, and living rooms around the world, making these artifacts accessible to learners everywhere.

Burpee Museum App Augmented Reality

Read more about the project and download the Burpee Museum App for yourself!

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