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Growing a Social Media Audience with Original Photography

Jerhen Industries, Inc. entered the social media space to harness the power of this channel to better connect with potential customers. As a major player in industrial automation — specifically parts sorting and feeding equipment — Jerhen knew they had something valuable to show their followers, but they frequently relied on stock images that didn’t have the power or pull in terms of telling their brand story.

Industrial manufacturing equipment

Pulling Back the Curtain to Better Engage Followers

With the goal of showcasing what makes their products and services unique, Jerhen wanted to incorporate original photography into their social media content to demonstrate their state-of-the-art equipment and the highly technical nature of their manufacturing processes.  

Our Content and Creative teams collaborated on a social media strategy that not only used original photography to convey Jerhen’s value proposition to companies looking for industrial part sorting and feeding solutions, but we also used platform-specific tools like Instagram Reels and tactics like vertical video to expand the reach of their content.

Industrial manufacturing process

We went on-site to capture professional photography and videography, creating a large library of visual assets that showcased nearly all of Jerhen’s services and products. This content library helped us cultivate a more authentic brand voice and visual style, and also helped us create more meaningful interactions with Jerhen’s social followers.

Jerhen technician working in shop

Getting Reel Results with Photography and Video

We implemented original photography of Jerhen’s equipment, processes, and production room floor across Jerhen’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles in May 2022. At the same time, we began testing Instagram Reels and branded vertical video.

In just three months, Jerhen’s Instagram followers increased by 2x and interactions on content increased by an average of 3x.

Jerhen social content on smartphone

"I always appreciate when clients trust us to capture on-site photography. It really gives their social presence a more authentic look and feel, and it’s an extremely effective way to increase page reach and grow your audience." 

– Sean Burke, Trekk Social Media Strategist


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