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A Door-Opening Direct Mail Campaign Helps Get a Handle On a Targeted Audience

Rittal, a global manufacturer of industrial enclosures and automation equipment, was searching for an innovative way to help control panel builders understand the value of Rittal Automation Systems (RAS) machines and products. A targeted direct mail campaign with an incentive too good to pass up drove nearly a third of recipients to schedule a meeting with Rittal’s sales team.


Rittal direct mail box

The Long Game: Helping Manufacturers Understand the Value of RAS Machines

Control panel manufacturers struggle with the time and cost associated with the manual modification of industrial enclosures and electrical panels. Using state-of-the-art machining and laser cutting technology, Rittal’s RAS products automate these processes with superior speed and precision.  

Rittal looked to us to create a multi-channel initiative designed to demystify the RAS suite and demonstrate how automating panel modification could optimize panel shops' processes, reduce costs and time, and increase productivity.

With a targeted list of 100 contacts, we created a dimensional direct mail piece — what we lovingly refer to as a lumpy – that featured a complimentary 13-piece screwdriver kit and full-color booklet complete with testimonials and product information to help demonstrate the versatility, durability, and value of RAS products. 

Rittal RAS lumpy insert

The interchangeable design of the RAS screwdriver is emblematic of Rittal’s commitment to providing tools that are durable and flexible to help manufacturers adapt to an ever-changing industrial landscape. As a thank you for scheduling a meeting, recipients received a Rittal branded screwdriver handle to complete the 13-piece set and cement Rittal as the ideal automation partner.


Rittal screwdriver handle and informative insert

The RAS lumpy culminated in a call-to-action for recipients to book a meeting with Rittal’s sales team. An email nurturing campaign further helped educate the audience on the long-term benefit of bringing panel modifications in-house. 


Rittal interchangeable screwdriver and box

The RAS lumpy yielded impressive results, with a 30% conversion rate of sales meetings scheduled. As a result, Rittal was able to establish valuable new customer relationships to help drive the growth and success of the RAS suite of products.

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