Designing a Road Trip Guide to Demonstrate the Performance of Paper

Sylvamo, a global paper company, was looking for a show-stopping piece to demonstrate the unique capabilities of Accent Opaque, their premium paper line. Inspired by vintage AAA TripTiks, we developed an adventure road trip guide featuring embossed maps, custom illustrations, and a list of must-see locations. 

Accent on Adventure Maps

Landing on an Idea

With a variety of available text and cover weights, Accent Opaque paper is beloved by designers and printers alike for its high brightness and excellent opacity, which result in impressive on-press performance. To demonstrate these features, we knew we’d want to incorporate multiple weights of Accent as well as unique finishing techniques.

A close up of the embossingg
Accent Map
Accent on Adventure fold out

We developed a road trip adventure guide with real directions that detail a journey from Sylvamo’s headquarters in Memphis, TN to the Adirondack State Park, where Accent Opaque is made. The guide was inspired by vintage AAA TripTiks, guides that were uniquely made for road trips across the country.

Accent on Adventure Maps Gar Games

The Accent on Adventure road trip guide contains embossed maps, custom illustrations, tourist destinations, fun facts, and car games to be enjoyed along the way. Not only does the guide show what is possible with Accent Opaque, it contains real directions for a fun-filled adventure.

“We wanted to develop a piece that not only utilized different finishings, but provided an interactive experience, so we landed on the road trip guide, Accent on Adventure. We had a lot of fun looking through vintage TripTiks from AAA and bringing that concept into a new era.”

— Michael Wilson, Creative Director

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