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Delivering Value Through Community

Leveraging the industry expertise of our long-time client Canon Solutions America, we created thINK, a user group of CSA customers and inkjet printers that facilitates the sharing of best practices and resources. thINK provides its members with tools, resources, market research, and networking opportunities to help their businesses thrive in the ever-evolving print industry.

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Providing tools to drive growth.

thINK launched in 2015 and today is a self-governed community of more than 1,600 members. Its annual conference is the largest user group event for inkjet production printing.

Every fall, thINK members convene at the annual thINK Conference to meet other inkjet users and witness cutting-edge print technologies in practice. Just one example: the augmented reality event traffic driver we created for thINK 2016 to demonstrate the opportunity for playfulness when taking customers from print to digital.

And each year, thINK recognizes printers who have achieved excellence in inkjet printing through the Inkjet Innovation Awards.

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Creating a reaction in the MKTG Lab.

To help new press owners promote their capabilities and accelerate sales, we developed MKTG Lab, a suite of marketing resources available exclusively to thINK members. MKTG Lab allows members to download direct mail campaign templates, how-to guides, email templates, application samples, and more. Explainer videos walk through practical ways to generate leads and engage potential customers, so that those who have invested in a new inkjet press can hit the ground running.

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