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Creating an Iconic Brand that Speaks for Itself

Accent Opaque is a premium paper beloved by designers for its ability to keep colors true with enhanced whiteness and brightness. When Sylvamo approached us to do a brand refresh on the Accent Opaque line, we went back to the company’s roots, elevating its history to appeal to designers, printers, and paper merchants alike.


Astronaut and Apollo

Looking to the past to design the future.

We began with the Accent A. With a nod to Lester Beall — the icon of mid-century design who created the original logo for International Paper, Accent's parent company at the time — we created an A that uses the same angles and curves as that logo but takes on a modern life of its own.

Accent on

A puts the accent on value, performance, and results. A is for Amazing. A is for Art.

Accent A

Making a big event of the rebrand launch.

We launched the new look and feel of Accent Opaque to a huge audience of designers and creatives at HOW Live by asking the creative community: “What will you put your accent on?” With an analog print campaign that consisted of paper cutouts, we demonstrated the quality of Accent Opaque paper and encouraged interactivity and playfulness. The response was overwhelming, proving once again that it’s possible to make a solid brand even more memorable. 

Accent TVs

To speak directly to designers and give them a chance to touch and feel Accent Opaque for themselves, we introduced retro-themed papercraft television sets made with Accent Opaque paper at Adobe MAX, a conference known for its creativity. These brought the Accent brand story to life via multiple AR "channels," each in a different vintage throwback style. Attendees constructed their own Accent TVs and were then encouraged to "put their Accent On" them by designing their own channels and sharing their creations on social media.


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