Bringing New Dimension to Industrial Pumps

Industrial Pump & Equipment (IPEC) looked to us to create a direct mailer that demonstrated the value of IPEC’s custom solutions in a fresh and exciting way. A pop-up design concept and an augmented reality (AR) integration made for a truly unique mailer that helped IPEC stand out amongst the competition. 

Industrial Pump and Equipment Sundyne Direct Mail

The need to shake up the industrial pump game

IPEC is the exclusive Ohio distribution partner of Sundyne, an established manufacturer of industrial pumps and compressors. In an effort to increase its Ohio market presence and boost awareness about the value of the IPEC and Sundyne partnership for companies in the oil & gas industry, IPEC wanted to create a direct mail piece for more than 150 active accounts that would demonstrate from a new and engaging point-of-view the value of Sundyne products — and IPEC’s expertise — in helping oil & gas producers solve their industry’s complex hurdles. 

Industrial Pump and Equipment Sundyne Direct Mail
Industrial Pump and Equipment Sundyne Direct Mail
Industrial Pump and Equipment Sundyne Direct Mail

Our solution was an interactive pop-up mailer — what we refer to as a lumpy —  that offered a three-dimensional look at how Sundyne pump packages are meticulously designed and engineered. A bold, distinctive color palette helped draw attention to various components of a Sundyne pump, and concise, informative copy helped convey the value proposition of these components in creating a pump package that is reliable and built to last.  

Industrial Pump and Equipment Sundyne Direct Mail

Augmented reality paves a path to inform and delight

Integrating an augmented reality experience not only allowed us to extend the experience of the direct mailer, but it further distinguished the offer from others commonly found in the industrial space. Using QR code technology, users could explore in 3D the component parts and intricate manufacturing processes that push Sundyne products into the upper stratosphere of quality. 

Trekk’s Creative and Technical teams built an innovative and interactive bridge between the physical and digital world, weaving together information and imagery to create a compelling user experience that showcased how Sundyne’s custom pumps can help oil & gas producers optimize their efficiency to save both time and money.

A subsequent email campaign with a custom CTA and landing page made for an omni-channel marketing initiative that helped IPEC further their relationship with targeted accounts.

Industrial Pump and Equipment Sundyne Augmented Reality

The email nurturing campaign saw robust open and click-through rates that effectively supplemented the success of the direct mailer. Plus, word-of-mouth at industry trade shows about the creativity and ingenuity of the direct mail piece helped pique customer interest in partnering with IPEC on purchasing a Sundyne custom pump package. 

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