| 20 May, 2021

Trekk Talk: Rebecca Denzer, Account Manager


Account Manager Rebecca Denzer

Each month our Trekk Talk series showcases a member of the Trekk to learn about what they do for our clients and organization, share in their knowledge and expertise, and learn a bit more about who they are and what they do out of the office. 

This month we’re excited to chat with Account Manager Rebecca Denzer. Rebecca joined Trekk in June 2020 and made an immediate impact on our client services team. Her dedication to her clients and her ability to create space for generative brainstorming sessions between our creative, technical, and content teams is an important part of the work we do.

A former educator, it’s clear from the start Rebecca has a knack for getting the best out of people...  

Tell us what your official title is and what you do as part of the Trekk team. 

My official title is Account Manager. I spend my days facilitating communication, planning and scheduling with clients to ensure they get what they need and that we’re optimizing the results of all projects and campaigns. 

How did you get into this area of marketing and advertising? What initially appealed to you about this kind of work?

My career up to this point had been solely in the education field (elementary teacher, administrator, curriculum consultant), so the initial appeal was change and challenge. In the beginning, this role seemed like a whole new world and offered an opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge. Now, I’m really starting to see the crossover from a lot of the skills I acquired as an educational administrator and consultant: empathy, considerations of other points of view, and providing clear, concise, and constructive feedback. 

What are some of the more challenging aspects of what you do, and what are some of the more rewarding elements of the work?

I want to be the best possible Account Manager for each one of our clients, and that requires a little bit of juggling at times. One of the most rewarding elements of my role that won’t come as a surprise — given my background as a teacher — is watching clients learn something new about their marketing campaigns or platforms and then run with it. Additionally, watching the transformation of a client project or campaign (website redesign, print ad, case study, etc.) is also rewarding.

What are the skills, experiences, or personality traits that you use every day as part of your role?

More than I can name, but here’s a few: creative and solution-minded thinking, organization, attention to detail, active listening and questioning, taking initiative, and clear and positive communication. A huge part of the second half of my career in education was professional development of other teachers, which included creating, revising, delivering, and following up with training sessions. This has served me incredibly well in my new role.

What advice would you give companies who are looking to place greater emphasis on their marketing strategy? Are there certain pitfalls you would advise them to avoid?

Over the last year, I learned about the importance of the discovery phase of the marketing process. During discovery, we ask a lot of questions, participate in some exercises, and engage in discussion around who the client is, how they operate, and how they want to be seen and heard. When a client fully engages in this process prior to any branding, rebranding, redesign, or content marketing, it makes for a much clearer and smoother path forward. I’ve seen clients really get to know who they are as a company and it shows in their marketing.

Do you have any guidance for someone looking to get into this field? What should someone know as they find their way into this kind of career?

To be effective in this type of role, you have to be willing to collaborate, ask questions, and think creatively to overcome daily challenges on behalf of your clients. If done well, you start to feel like you’re an extension of each and every client’s on-site team. I knew I was really digging in with some of my clients when I found myself, in conversation and presentations with them, starting to say ‘we’ and ‘our’ when talking about their content and initiatives.

What's the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your time in this kind of role?

It’s so much more personal than I expected. I’ve really gotten to know my clients and their unique personalities and aspirations for their companies, and helping them achieve those aspirations has been really rewarding. 

Outside of your work with Trekk, tell us a bit more about Rebecca the individual.

First and foremost, I’m a boy mom — perfect fit for me. A lot of dirt digging, roaring, Godzilla vs. Kong, holey clothing, ‘Dad’ jokes, unidentifiable smells, amazing hugs… my boys are completely opposite personalities but somehow always get mistaken for twins! 


Prior to ‘mom life,’ I spent a lot of time focused on how I could contribute to equity in education. In my various roles in education, my main goal was always to work in communities that are typically underserved, educationally and otherwise. Teaching and education is challenging work no matter what. The work gets even more challenging when you’re working side-by-side every day with students and families who have so much ground to make up in such a short amount of time. That challenge is what kept me going every day.

Speed Round questions

What did you want to be when you were 10 year-old?

Oddly enough given that I now work for Trekk, a graphic designer! I even considered going to art school.

PC or Mac?


Favorite season of the year and why?

I like them all for different reasons — so my final answer would be the beginning of each season.

Top 5 favorite movies of all time?

Top Gun

Man on Fire

Shawshank Redemption

The Greatest Showman

Happy Gilmore

Last TV show you binge watched?


Your perfect meal?

Spicy sushi

One guilty pleasure you have.

Walking every aisle at Home Goods with my phone turned off.

Thank you to Rebecca for letting us learn more about her and her role as part of the Trekk team! Don’t forget to check out our previous Trekk Talk with Senior Graphic Designer Alison Weust.

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