Marketing in 2018... and Beyond


It's that time of year: we're talking 2018 marketing strategies with all our clients. I love this season, so full of possibility and fresh ideas. It's also exciting to get a picture of what's to come. Which emerging technologies will finally break through? Which hyped-up trends are turning out to be all fad and no follow-through? 

Based on what I've seen so far, I've got a few hunches. Here’s what I predict we'll see from strategic marketers in 2018.

1. Virtual Reality Storytelling

With VR viewers more accessible than ever, the investment threshold for virtual experimentation is lower. More players in the game is a great thing for everyone; it means that so-called amateurs will give professional production shops a run for their money, pushing the limits of creativity and shining a light on a greater diversity of stories.

2. Meaningful Augmented Reality

It’s official: AR is more than just a gimmick. We’re seeing it morph from cool new toy to actually useful, potentially life-changing tech. Watch for applications in healthcare, education, navigation, and—of course—marketing, where industry leaders are using it to guide audiences from physical to digital channels seamlessly.  

3. Even More Mobile Video

By 2020, 75% of global mobile data traffic will be video, and the most engaging videos will be live. Brands are already using video to show-not-tell, and users’ preference for this mode of communication means it will only keep growing. Keep an eye out for new streaming platforms and technology to make going live even simpler.

4. Personalized Content

Big data makes it possible to craft relevant messages, targeted at individual customers, and it’s what customers have come to expect from ads. Now we're seeing that same approach in content itself. Rather than generic content aimed at one broad audience, expect highly personalized content based on past behavior and even more granular database segmentation.

5. Emphasis on the Authentic

Narrative-driven, transparent branding is here to stay, so now is the time to hone your voice and make sure that your vision is consistently portrayed across channels.

Still thinking about your 2018 marketing strategy? Let Trekk be your guide.

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