How to Use HubSpot to Manage Your Social Media


Imagine operating a business without a phone number or physical address. Not only would it be difficult for customers to contact you about the products and services you provide, but establishing a rapport as a credible partner or viable business enterprise would also be something of an uphill battle. 

In today’s connected world, the equivalent of this hypothetical would be a company that does not have a regularly updated social media presence as part of their digital marketing strategy. However, given social media’s place as an economical and authentic way to craft and develop your branding, engage with potential customers, and tell a story that furthers your brand narrative, the lack of a social presence is perhaps more egregious.  

This is where HubSpot as a social media management tool reveals itself as a true value-add for companies looking to level-up their marketing game. With this in mind, here’s a handful of ways HubSpot helps you manage and get the most out of your social media content and strategy.

All platforms, one place

One element of social media management that often troubles business owners, sales teams, and even some marketing professionals is the manual work associated with publishing consistent content across the major social media platforms. The good news is HubSpot removes the platform hopping that comes with the territory of making sure your content is uniform on a cross-platform basis. 

HubSpot’s social media management tool publishes content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn with the click of a button. The capability to connect all of the major social media platforms under one umbrella also provides the ability to schedule content at the right time to hit the right audience. 

What further distinguishes HubSpot’s social media manager from other tools is the ability to share content beyond the simple photo and caption. So much of gaining traction in the social media space stems from how unique or dynamic the content, and HubSpot’s social tool allows users to share blog posts, landing pages, emails, newsletters, videos, and other content pieces right from the social dashboard. 

With the same drag-and-drop tools and features used in building other kinds of HubSpot campaigns, this integration makes it fast and easy to repurpose content for a variety of channels and applications without adding new or complicated processes. 

Monitoring made connections

Social media is about making connections. It’s about creating room for conversations that are authentic and intimate. In order to create such a line of communication, it’s important to have an ear to the ground for what your followers are saying about your business, products, and messaging. Plus, you almost have to have a second ear to the ground for what other companies in your space are discussing, whether it’s competitive products or the hottest topic in your industry. 

HubSpot’s social media management tool helps you monitor your mentions to foster real-time connections with followers and nurture your audience in ways that build positive brand associations. Users can also view interactions and messages across each social platform within the HubSport portal, as well as respond to mentions, comments, shares, and messages without ever leaving the HubSpot interface. 

HubSpot takes the ability to monitor made connections once step further by streamlining these processes while at the same time providing top-level customer service. Users can build out chatbot functionality for Facebook right in the HubSpot portal with a variety of options for branches, if/then scenarios, and content modules to carry followers through a targeted, specific workflow to answer general inquiries or provide specific product or service information. 

In addition, users can establish keyword monitoring to help surface messages or interactions that meet customized criteria. This helps your team view and prioritize the level of attention any given message or interaction needs, as well as help designate which team member may be best suited to respond to a message or concern in the most prompt way possible. 

Evaluating performance

Numbers don’t lie and when it comes to analyzing the KPIs of social media, HubSpot’s social tool provides the single source of truth your business needs to truly understand the value your social content is providing to both your followers and your business goals. HubSpot’s social portal functions as a centralized hub for reporting across each social platform. This means businesses can see with total transparency what kind of content performs best on any given platform, providing greater insight into the messaging needed for an array of audience types. 

Follower count, reach, mentions, clicks, shares, and more are all accounted for, and a YouTube integration with HubSpot’s social portal provides detailed reporting on video videos, channel subscribers, video shares, view time, and more to help you hone in on what your audience wants from video content. More granular kinds of metrics such as campaign types, content types, and publishing times further help you paint a fuller picture of how your content is being received. 

What’s more is that the HubSpot mobile-friendly portal means you can take your social media creation, monitoring, and reporting with you no matter where you go or when you need it. With an easy-to-use interface, insights into follower engagement, and revealing data points, it’s no secret why so many companies use HubSpot’s social media manager as the tool of choice for ensuring their social presence is firing on all cylinders.  

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