Using High-Quality Video to Generate Leads and Attract Talent

Industrial Pump & Equipment Corporation (IPEC) was going through a period of growth and opportunity. The industrial equipment distributor had just moved into a new, expanded facility and they needed to launch a robust recruitment campaign to attract new talent. They wanted to use original video to communicate what prospective partners and employees could expect when working with IPEC, but they didn’t have the video collateral to do so.  

IPEC Bumper Screengrab

The Work Begins Before the Camera Rolls

Communicating with prospective customers versus prospective employees requires different messaging. To help guide the direction of the two videos, we created detailed shot lists and individual scripts for each video. We also crafted a series of interview questions specifically tailored for each IPEC employee who was to be featured in the videos. In addition, our shot lists accounted for a large amount of b-roll that we could use to supplement the employee interviews.

IPEC Interview

We used a variety of video production technologies and techniques — including time lapse and drone video technology — to capture IPEC’s state-of-the-art headquarters, as well as the dynamic nature of the company’s culture and employees. Our casual interview style allowed IPEC employees to be themselves on-camera and demonstrate with authenticity what working for and working with IPEC is actually like.

Our post-production work included editing the raw footage to create a compelling narrative about what makes IPEC unique. Our creative team also sourced voiceover talent to help bring our carefully scripted words to life.

Round-table Interview

IPEC wanted to create high-quality company branding and employee recruitment videos that could be distributed across multiple platforms in an evergreen way. Our strategic approach to video production helped capture the essence of a company on the rise.

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