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Transporting and Educating Viewers With Interactive Whimsy

Tasked with helping to tell the story of beauty, sustainability, and stewardship of the land at The Ticonderoga Mill — the magical site where Accent Opaque is produced — we partnered with Structural Graphics to create an interactive 3D storybook mailer that brings this three-part story to life through augmented reality.


Trekk International Paper Ticonderoga Mailer Storybook pop-up

A Well-Loved Brand with a Hidden Story: Its Magical Location.

Many people love Accent Opaque, but few, even International Paper customers, are familiar with where the paper comes from or how it’s produced. We designed this pop-up storybook-themed dimensional mailer to help uncover an important part of the story: the natural resources that make Accent possible, and how International Paper is stewarding them for generations to come.

Trekk International Paper Ticonderoga Mailer Augmented Reality screen shot

This interactive mailer connects International Paper's commitment to sustainability with the mill’s beautiful natural surroundings in the Adirondack State Park. We deployed it as part of an account-based marketing campaign, strategically targeting key accounts to secure a meeting for International Paper sales reps to "talk about Ticonderoga".

 Trekk International Paper Ticonderoga Mailer paper-craft figurines

Augmented reality transports you into the story.

Trekk Graphic Designer Alison Weust, inspired by whimsy and childlike wonder, wanted to stay true to the storybook feel of Ticonderoga Mill while giving this piece staying power, so she added several playful elements, such as paper-craft figurines that can be moved around the scene and video footage of the mill that recipients can unlock by scanning each panel using the IP4D augmented reality app.

"I like creating designs that are as custom as possible for our clients. It all started with the form factor from Structural Graphics. How do we augment it and add customization? We didn’t just stop at the AR. We took it as far as it could go. This speaks to our goal of pushing the technology to make it the most functional and effective piece possible.”

— Alison Weust, Graphic Designer


Trekk International Paper Ticonderoga Mailer Trophy with mailer background

The Ticonderoga Mill Storybook Mailer stood out from the crowd with its interactivity and innovative use of augmented reality. Here are the awards this piece has taken home so far:

— Communicator Awards: Marketing/Promotion — Direct Mail
— Communicator Awards: Mobile — Best Use of AR  
— Muse Creative Awards: Strategic Program — Interactive Brand Experience

Trekk International Paper Ticonderoga Mailer Picture of phone screen with AR

So, how many users have taken advantage of this opportunity to hear the call of the wild and experience the story that lives within Ticonderoga Mill by downloading the IP4D AR app? International Paper has had over 1,200 new IP4D downloads following the launch of the campaign.

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