A Direct Mail Direct Pipeline to Sales

SMG, an enterprise-level experience management software provider, wanted to grab the attention of customer experience (CX) leaders at 100 highly targeted key accounts, so we designed an interactive direct mailer they wouldn’t want to miss.

SMG Mailer Full View

Making the Client the Hero

There’s a lot CX leaders can’t control, but SMG’s CX software-with-a-service solution is designed to give them insights they can act on. To show how this unique platform aids CX superheroes, we created an augmented reality “command center” experience. Recipients who scanned the mailer got a 3D preview of SMG’s technology, followed by a call to action to book a full demo.

SMG Mailer 3D Interaction

The campaign had an important email component: an initial teaser email to let the recipient know a special package was coming, followed by a drip campaign to ensure they scanned the AR experience and to deliver additional proof points on SMG’s solution. 

SMG Mailer QR Code

The Results: High-Value Conversions

This interactive mailer was just the foot in the door the sales team needed. Within just a few months, following an initial demo booked from a campaign call to action, SMG closed a major contract with a national quick-service restaurant brand. 

A big part of what made this project exciting to work on — and so successful for SMG — was the interactive nature of the mailer. The augmented reality component really helped bring the messaging to life in a more dynamic, immersive way that resonated with such a highly-targeted audience.

— Rebecca Denzer, Senior Account Manager

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