| 28 February, 2022

Trekk Talk: Tyler Calderwood, PPC Strategist

Tyler Calderwood

This month’s Trekk Talk features PPC Strategist Tyler Calderwood. If you're not entirely sure what Tyler's job title means, have no fear because we’ll get into that in a moment. In fact, we’ll dive deep into the world of PPC, what Tyler’s day-to-day looks like here at Trekk, and much more. I think you’ll appreciate the approachable way Tyler looks at his role and his enthusiasm and advice for those looking to get started in the field. 

Alright, let’s start off with the basics. Tyler, what do you do as part of the Content Strategy and Marketing Operations team?

I handle and manage the paid advertising programs. I make sure they are running efficiently and that they are continually being optimized based on the data they bring in. Then, I also use this data to collaborate with other members of the Content Strategy and Marketing Operations (CSMO) team to improve website landing pages, adjust targeting strategies, or help to provide new angles to promote products or services. 

And you do it all quite well! We’ve loved having you join our Trekk team. Now, for those who may not know, could you help us understand what exactly PPC is, what it includes, and how it’s used?

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” but is more widely described as Paid Search. It consists of marketing where the ads and promotions you are running cost a certain amount based on a bid. Any time someone clicks on an ad set up by paid search, it costs a certain amount for that click — which is why it is described as Pay Per Click. It's very helpful if you want to increase your competitiveness in a certain area, product, or service. It is a strong tool to position on its own, but also pairs well with other digital marketing initiatives to help further optimize their performance as well. 

How did you get into the PPC field? What inspired you to pursue it?

I stumbled into it somewhat randomly, actually. I had just graduated from college and was looking for jobs on LinkedIn and found an opportunity with a company that was willing to show me the PPC ropes, as it were. I had a strong understanding of marketing in general, so PPC was essentially a tool I added to my toolbox to pursue that career moving forward.

What does your average day-to-day here at Trekk look like?

Most days start with budgets. I check all the budgets for the programs to make sure they aren’t over or underspending. Then I’ll go into the programs and work on optimizing them. I'll look at the search queries that triggered the keywords — this allows me to see if there are any updates I can make to the program or keywords based on that intel. After that, you can find me either researching new opportunities for PPC and staying up-to-date within the client’s given field, adding new ads to programs, or reporting on data from PPC. I use this data to collaborate with the content team to help with other improvements for in-progress content or the client’s website. 

What advice would you give for someone looking to hire a marketing agency to help level up their PPC ad content?

Try and have a clear plan of your PPC marketing objectives. The more information that you can provide to a paid search specialist, the quicker they are able to optimize a program to bring in results. Many PPC specialists have a strong understanding of the tools that they use, so the better you can get them to understand the project you are trying to take on, the better they can help with recommendations, changes, updates, and get the most out of their tools to produce the best results.

Do you have advice for someone looking to get into your field or career path?

I think it’s a very accessible field to enter. There are a ton of accessible resources out there for you to learn most of what you need to know. If you’re serious about pursuing a career in this field or if you just want to gain a better understanding of it all, hop on Google or Youtube and just be curious. There is a blog and a video for any type of question you have. Once you get the basics down on how PPC works, then the opportunities really open up for what you can do. 

I love that it’s so accessible. But it obviously takes some hard work and dedication to get to be as good as you are with it all! Even so, every job has its obstacles: what are some challenging aspects of your work? And what makes it rewarding?

It's always changing — there will always be new projects, changing landscapes, updates to algorithms. I find it challenging just purely staying up-to-date in my knowledge and understanding of the digital environment; however, it does keep the job very fresh. The fact that it is ever-changing keeps it from feeling dull to me, so I would consider that to be the most challenging and rewarding part of my work.

I can definitely see the challenge and reward in the very nature of your role and field! Okay, to finish up — what do you do outside of Trekk? Who is Tyler outside of the [proverbial] office (since you work remotely)?

I grew up around the ocean most of my life, so growing up I was a huge fan of the beach. Anytime I could get out there, I would, and I love everything about it. I’m also an avid gamer — whether it's online or board games. I have a very competitive spirit, but I also just love how games bring people together.

Now for the well-loved speed round!  

Cake or pie?


Favorite ice cream flavor?


Dogs or cats?


Coffee or tea?

Neither are my favorite; I really like water, honestly.

Favorite season of the year and why?

Summer — love the weather, love the activities, and I really don’t like being cold.

What’s your perfect last meal?

Honestly, probably mac and cheese.

Last TV show you binge watched?

Criminal Minds

What’s one guilty pleasure you have?

I’m the guy that can eat a whole box of donuts if left unattended, so you have to be careful about your snacks.

When you’re at Trekk HQ, what’s your drink order at SideTrekked (our in-office bar)?

Any type of whiskey on the rocks most likely.

Thank you to Tyler for letting us get to know him a bit better. Stay tuned for future installments of Trekk Talk and don't forget to check out our most recent Trekk Talk with Senior Account Manager Jaclyn Bloch

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